Waltz in E minor, F. Carulli (Michael Lucarelli, classical guitar)


  1. Sweaty Earth

    I'd like to say that this might be my official solo for my classical guitar concert and I've played the first 8 measures pretty well! You are such an inspiration like I had said earlier. Love your playing

  2. Jason Pierce-Williams

    This is lovely. A superb piece for a complete novice like myself. It has all the romantic elemsnts which we all love…it sounds authentic and gripping but is actually quite easy…and I say that as a novice. I think that was Carullis cleverness that he took simple, accessible structures and arranged them so they sounded convincing….lovely stuff and Im having for fun than Ive ever had learning all these studies. Spanish guitar. King of indtruments.

  3. Erik-Frank ORSCHEL

    Die Aufmachung vom Kleid her, passt unmöglich, mit der klassischen Gitarre wäre Ihre Darbietung um Längen besser, bitte Takt einhalten, DANKE, 😉

  4. Rita Mendes

    hey, nice video, very well played :). I've been playing guitar for 2 years, but only rock music. Last month, i decided that i wanted to try out some classical music like this, and by now i can play "romanza", the opening to "malagueña" and some Bach slowed down. Is there any recommendation you have or any easy cool pieces you can tell me and other beginners ? thank you : )

  5. imac567

    I was just learning this piece tonight, thought I'd come on here and see a video of it. Yours was the first one and it's amazing!
    I like your aggressive right hand technique, it really adds the power that this piece has on the bass notes. Nice job!

  6. Stefano Menichetti

    Grazie maestro Michael, sto studiando anche io questo pezzo in un corso che ho giudicato dopo poco particolarmente bello, cercando in rete ho trovato la vostra ottima interpretazione ed esecuzione.

    Ancora grazie !

  7. Milan Broz

    I do not mean it in a bad way, I like the way you play it, however, what I do find amusing is what you wear and the picture when I take into account what kind of music you play:-). nice work though:-)

  8. Karin Steinberg-Berge

    Wieder spielst du so, dass ich beim Zuhören optisch Tänzer zum Walzer-Takt sehen kann. Mir gefällt es, wenn Musik so farbig und lebendig gespielt wird.
    Einen lieben Gruß und Danke

  9. Hoiriyah Putri S

    Ive just been learning to play classical guitar for a year, and see u here like motivate me to be great like u do, thank u mr lucarelli! And now im studying to play allegretto d. Aguado, and waltz m. Carcassi👊 u r truly motivate me!

  10. namitah

    Sounds great…!.Is it possible to play por una cabeza by Carlos Gardel ?

  11. AnkyPank

    Lucarelli playing Carulli.
    The names reflect each other partly. 🙂
    It's beautiful. As is this rendition, Michael!

  12. SandraMaraCarvalhode Melo

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  13. Kaleb H

    Neat how playing closer to the bridge gives that more metallic sound. Well done. 🙂

  14. 9537912rockstar

    I've been following you on youtube for several years. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your playing and what an inspiration you have been to me as I continue to study classical guitar myself. As always very beautiful playing

  15. J Smith

    Michael, how many years have you been playing? Just curious.

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