Whipping Post Jam: Part 1. Scale Shapes and Thought Process


  1. Kyle Broon

    Great structure to this lesson, thumbs up for building cliffhanger tension before part 2! 😀

  2. 8cspohn

    That he can play it, for me a hard tune to hear and then get correct, for me that is.

  3. Pee Reynld

    grate lesson, ThX! ? Did ya look at any Frank Zappa versions of Whipping Post? just curious…

  4. Steve Pounder

    What a great lesson I’ve never seen such a clearly and well explained tutorial on this “ style of playing”love it 👌🏻

  5. John Ferra

    Actually, I also have a question, now that I think about it: why does that E-flat work in the G-major scale? Is there something about this progression? I was recently looking at another solo done over a G-C alternating progression—the soloist uses the E-flat as a passing tone in the G-major scale & it sounds like it belongs there. PS: I also posed this question to Sean before I watched your video. The question seems more apropos here. 🙂

  6. John Ferra

    It would be super helpful if we could see your right hand, too. Don’t know if that’s possible, but a suggestion…

  7. Tim Williams

    That Eb really has that A1 steak sauce sound, recognised it straight away. Really enjoyable lesson, I understood it all because you're a great teacher, of course! I'm waiting on my (first) new looper pedal to arrive so I can practice!

  8. robb johnson

    Great lesson! This is exactly the right way to teach this stuff. I wish I had a teacher like you twenty years ago. Keep up the great work!

  9. Roberto del Pino

    Great!!! Thanks for this AB song i love. Looking for part 2. I'm using this "no root" idea on improv as a new tool.

  10. Tom Spallone

    This REALLY helped bring modes more into focus for me.

    It also highlights bringing the “blue note” into play without really playing the blues scale.

    Great stuff!

  11. Jim

    Great class looking forward to seeing the rest I've always been a ABB fan.thanks again 😎

  12. David Bennett

    "There aren't any wrong notes." Miles Davis. By the time the ABB released their first album I had been immersed in the Dead's early albums working very hard to understand what Jerry was playing and often trying to sort out the counterpoint leads between Jerry and Bobby. Whipping Post was my very first favorite ABB long jam. By then Live Dead had been worn out a couple of times. Some of my neighbors thought I needed to be locked in an asylum because of playing albums over and over.

  13. Shadowscott

    Could there be any benefit to think B Phrygian in terms of key of G major, Am7 and Bm7… cause the C is Am cept the bass yanked it…and noodling between D and D#(=Eb) for a major 3rd rub against the B… if you are thinking Bs is good landing zones?

  14. Paul Parks

    Awesome man ! The ABB band is the reason I play guitar…Thanks so much for this it has got me out of my rut ~

  15. Adaptive Manipulator

    I always heard the 'main riff' being two guitar parts: one being a repetitive a, b, c, bend up from b to c back to b, and the other being double stops on the B+G strings starting from A+C#, B+D, C+E.

  16. Rick Cleek

    My house is infested by giant demonic pigs with glowing red eyes!! I need HELP!!

  17. Ray Ross

    Thanks Ian, glad to see your LP resurrected. Really appreciate that you are breaking this great tune down for us. Got a feeling this is going to be one of your best. I'm sure that if practised it will really move one's playing forward.

  18. Ben Turner

    Will you do In Memory of Elizabeth Reed in conjunction because it is so similar?

  19. Max Sturm

    I don’t have roots down to muscle memory yet. So even if I were to want to play A roots in that g maj, I’d have to try to. Basically what I’m asking is how do you practice getting roots down muscle memory? AND when playing the Gmaj, should we use G root as home?

  20. James A

    Finally some ABB! I hope you can touch on mountain jam at some point too haha

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