1921 Gibson Nick Lucas


  1. Thomas Tommy

    Another good video thanks for sharing it. That is a awesome guitar. You gave it life again. And did a Super Great Job. Do you have any ideal what that guitar would be worth in US Dollars? I hope you have a Blessed week My Friend.

  2. StringTech Workstations

    I realize that this video moves at a pretty speedy pace….. but there was a LOT of detail to cover, so I needed to keep it snappy and to-the-point; for my Level 2 students and all of the TechDeck owners who do this type of work. The last thing you needed was a long ambling, bumbling, meandering video …. I apologize if this is a bit too snappy a pace for some … but I am satisfied that the most pertinent points were made in short order. Cheers everyone ! MMcC

  3. Jah Rastafari

    Your exasperated reaction to someone drilling the bridge/bracing gave me a much-needed morning guffaw…

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