Carnation – The Jam (Paul Weller) – Acoustic Guitar Lesson


  1. The Testing Season

    Its an incredible song just shows what a genius songwriter Paul Weller is. Thank you very much Alan for the tutorial.

  2. Paul Miceli

    Couldn't agree more. Absolutely perfect lyrics and the melody fits a treat. Absolutely full of despair. Thought Liam Gallagher really did the song justice and his description of Carnation ("It's proper Lucifer, innit!") was absolutely bang on.

  3. Alan Robinson

    Cheers James, I am still using my original Gift songbook from 1982 – though its a little dog-eared now 🙂

  4. james wilson

    just came to check you were doing it the same as me which you are:) a splendid song

  5. Paul Miceli

    One of the tunes that just about saved 'The Gift' as an album and as fresh today as it's always been. Great tutorial but beyond my capabilities at the moment with so many chords changes. Sticking it in my favourites for a rainy day though.

  6. Flynnrx

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help all us Jam nutters/guitar hacks like me. I really appreciate what you have done. Thank you for the joy you have brought me

  7. Alan Robinson

    Hi there!
    Like you I've been a lifelong fan. I took the chords from the original songbook I bought in 1982.
    Best wishes.

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