Filthy Blues Licks with Sean Daniel


  1. Pez


  2. Joenathan Jackcat

    You cant learn blues, your efforts at trying to learn it are worthless. Blues has to be felt and not studied!

  3. AaronP

    Don't you have to sell your soul to the devil to play this stuff?

  4. isaiah30v8

    So you slide up to the E note and then back down to the D note (E7) giving the 5th7 tonality to end the progression yet, finished up on the A and then back to the A to start a new progression. Think I would prefer finishing up on the D note (E7) then start the new progression on A. Am I being too musically pedantic? Try it. – Leave your audience hanging on to that D note before starting the A riff on the next progression. Sounds filthy!
    Yes, you end up finishing on the 4 which, is also the 7th of the 5, so it's all good!

  5. Michael Fitzgerald

    A little off topic but can you talk a bit about what you’re doing with your thumb? Are you consciously muting E and A or are you just letting it do its own thing?


    You need to appreciate the fact that the shirt for blues is blue and it's not the one with crocodile.

  7. Bob Murray

    Sean can you explain again how you mute the g string to choke the bend

  8. T-Bone Wolfe

    While the 7 chord might be the bluesist chord, Boss Bakes is the bluesist baking show. When are we going to see episode four?!?!?!?

  9. Atharv Raj

    can you give a lesson on roadmap of learning guitar,, at what time we should play what when should we start electric guitar or what should we play in what time i.e in how many years…
    actually I'm confused so …..

  10. Mike Cunningham

    Starbucks coupons in the mail Sean??? Wow… pretty fast paced on this one. I guess that's what the Stop / Start buttons are for.. 🙂 Still awesome lesson..


    Filthy, man, filthy! I'm definitely mature enough to handle the filthy blues licks! Thanks for sharing.

  12. 650Thunderbird

    Great lesson, Sean! Just about all my short attention span can handle, in one sitting.

  13. downhill2400

    Excellent lesson Sean! Technique is my mostest weakest dirtiest skill man. I mean even worse than my grammar!!

  14. schnaps54

    More you go in filth with this "Albert Lee" more i like it! Again!

  15. David

    Great stuff. Looking forward to practicing this when i get the chance.

  16. Ray Ross

    Rated for Mature Guitar Players Only. My Mom says I can't play these till I'm older.

  17. Music Letters

    I would really like to hear an original Sean Daniel Blues song! It must be easy and really difficult at the same time, to write an original blues song… I would take the ironic-contrarian road for that…

  18. AOB

    I can hear the intro to I Can't Quit You Babe in your lick! Now that’s killer

  19. AOB

    Feel the same about Facebook. I’ll log on like once or twice a month and end up regretting it.

  20. Andy Dwyer

    Any opinion on Johnny Flynn? Criminally underrated, in my opinion, with an interesting playing style.

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