How to play BLAZING FAST BASS FILLS (economy picking)


  1. Stein nietS

    nice fretless and playing, great settings and sound! round wounds? love playing this base and the GWB1. Great idea! the (aware) switching opens up worlds of new rhythmic patterns.

  2. Clement Noya

    More guy in this industry must watch the way you explain all of this clearly. Really love that!

  3. roberto doc

    Blazing fast, the ultimate bass trick, the fantabulous and definitive bass technic, fast as light arpeggios, master the bass as a Pro in under a nanosecond……. 😀 MAN YOU'RE GREAT!!!!!! Half of the videos is cabaret, but…. that's also the reason why I follow you! 5 Stars ;-D

  4. Nathan Hough

    I play bass and did the economy picking all the time right, but then picked up lessons by a classical guitarists and he rosted me when i used it and he forced it out of my playing😂

  5. Lucas Guida

    Hey Scott, how did you get such a Jaco sound?! Bass, pedals, amp, equalization?

  6. L H

    Really like how you explained the technique. Not rushed, and kept it simplified. Excellent video cut backs to the studio players.

  7. Chris Davis

    Awesome video!

    Also, I think Vic does raking with both fingers too, but I might be mistaken.

  8. Aaron Hill

    Scott, I've been playing guitar for 5 years and after 4 months of playing bass I'm now a better bassist – that's partly due to you. Many thanks.

  9. Bob Bea

    Great Lesson. Love the Ibanez GW-35. I took the ramp off of mine.

  10. mapucho

    Hey Scott ! You forgot to mention another amazing bass player beside Anthony Jackson, Felix Pastorius ,Richard Bona and Hadrien Féraud : Scott Devine !!!

  11. ao el

    Damn bro I love your glasses. Where did you get those if you don't mind me asking? 🤓

  12. Jean-Philippe Lapensee

    Not to quote Office Space but if someone could show me a similar fingering system for ascending scales that would great.


    serious question, other than tone is this technique any better than just using a pick? i mean guitarists do this kind of stuff all the time without much fuss. it seems like the best way to play fast is to just use a pick

  14. Reodor Felgen

    "Now when you hit that top note, on the g-string. If you follow the correct fingering" I'm dead that's funny as hell LOL!!! Sorry bout the joke lol love your vids!

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