Jimi Hendrix Blues Guitar Lesson – Part 2 of 2


  1. w13rdguy

    Now that you have some friends in the music community, I hope I will see you in some live hangouts here on YouTube. Put to good use the ability you have gained for conversational English.

  2. w13rdguy

    Jimi was, first and foremost, a blues guitarist. You are approaching his work in EXACTLY the right order.

  3. Theee Chosen One

    I'm envious how well you're advancing! You're also such a cutie pie that I wish I had a daughter like you to spoil.

  4. John North

    Thank you Fillipa. I always learn something new from watching someone play songs even when I think I know them well and I certainly have this time from you. You obviously think hard about what you are playing and you will end up being truly awesome if you keep on like this as your love of the music clearly comes through.

  5. Doggy

    Really good lesson. I'm still working on part 1, but I'm making progress. It looks easy when you do it, but it is difficult for me. But I get a little better with each try. Thank you for the lessons.

  6. Will Shaw

    Imagine the BIG smile on Jimi's face, if there's some guitar heaven, and he's looking down on Filippa !

  7. Will Shaw

    Boy, your vibrato is flawless…you don't need a tremolo bar, but would the Revstar allow it? Do you think you'll ever need to use a bar when you have such perfect vibrato?

  8. Will Shaw

    Wunderschon! You are a good teacher…if some beginner like me that knows 4 or 5 chords, and one folk music pick could pay you for face-to-face lessons, just "one on one" what would you charge? Could giving individual custom lessons help pay for those PRS dream guitars?

  9. ReesesEditing

    You inspired me to play guitar and now Iโ€™ve gotten so much better Thankyou Fillipa! Greetings from the USA

  10. Dave Byron

    Awsome, excellent slide, nice & clean, your advice on learning these licks with a clean sound. I totally agree because you'll have good, clear technique so when you add overdrive/distortion, you'll have clean technique, Awsome job in teaching, keep rockin'!!!!

  11. Tiger Groar

    hahahah Filippa , watching the video in slow motion, it's very very funny ๐Ÿ˜€ your voice goes slow, slow, so much slow ๐Ÿ˜€ FANTASTIC

  12. Huy Tran

    Again, another great lesson. So awesome u take the time to do this for a fan. Your efforts r greatly appreciated. Hope your first rehearsal went well. U rock!

  13. Dean Roddey

    You have be sure you don't have a sticky nut if you do the little push down behind it, or you may end up badly out of tune. But it's a slick guitar move.

    Modern guitars are probably a lot better for that than older ones. Of course Jimi had LOTS of problems with out of tune guitars when playing live back in the day, particularly with his use the whammy bar. That was decades before the lock nut tremolo thing or graphite nuts and so forth.

  14. Rick Cleek

    Jimmi was murdered by blood drinking shape-shifting Reptoids in the Illuminati!!

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