‘Minor Swing’ The Pimped Chord Changes – Gypsy Jazz Guitar Secrets Lesson


  1. Ian Peden

    Great lesson. I've also seen Christiaan van Hemert with the two top shirt buttons undone. Is this now de rigeur for GJ? Who was the first?

  2. Steve Douglas

    Hello agent Nolan. This is an outstanding lesson. All of your lessons are great, but some "hit home" more than others, depending on what the viewer is interested in working on. Yes, playing the same chord shapes over and over can be monotonous and not just for the player, but for the listener as well. I like how you reference chord changes from other songs (ex: Hit The Road Jack) to show how they can be incorporated into a different song. Thanks Robin!!

  3. Trombonology Erstwhile

    I think many people think of rhythm guitar as the unglamourous job in the band. This lesson shows that you can be just as creative in this role as when soloing. Great stuff, as always, Robin!

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