Practice and q and a


  1. Cosmin Barbieru

    Hey justin. I am a beginner and your videos are awesome. I am learning a lot from you. Could you please do a tutorial on it's my house by john mayer ? It was a gift for his friend, Andy. Sorry for my english

  2. Marv Wollam

    I didn't recognize you without your hat! Love the work you do and the knowledge that you share with us. Thank You!!!

  3. Sondre

    I like seeing professionals trying to figure out a song and struggle a bit. Everyone has to practice! Love it!

  4. whiskey and ice

    I hope people get inspired by him, disseminate their knowledge to benefit others rather than trying to make a buck out of everything they know…. He's an inspiration that people so desperately need in today's corporate world.

  5. John Royce

    You know nobody can hear what you are saying at the shock of seeing you hatless!!! It doesn't look like you! Thanks for the great content and all the time you give to aspiring guitarists.

  6. Frozen PizzaBagel

    Holy crap, I just realized the website changed. This is going to take some getting used to and figuring out where all the courses go lol. But dang, it's really nice. Thanks for revamping the website like that for us Justin! I really don't know how I'd play guitar without your courses. Currently in the middle of learning those blues licks, its a lot of fun.

  7. Sean Hartley

    I learned this song a while back and it’s deceptively difficult. You’re the best Justin and thanks for sharing your process.

  8. mike5058

    Watching this and seeing you talk to yourself and struggle a bit made me smile……you are far calmer than me when my fingers misbehave!!

  9. Clare Millar

    Hey Justin. You have found Guitar Village in Farnham by now ? I've had great service from them (and keen prices too)

  10. К_видео

    What device were you using to change the audio level? Was that an app or something on your phone?

  11. Kane Dypka

    i'm always looking for the most authentic version when i try to learn a song. if its to hard then i'll come back at a later date.

  12. johnwrench4speed

    Thanks for your videos. By the way, I use the same desk chair. However, to make it more comfortable to sit in while playing guitar I removed the right arm rest and attached some foam to the edge of the hard plastic part of the seat to avoid guitar damage. Cheers.

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