Spanish Romance (Romanza) – Classical guitar with TAB


  1. Zoe TheGreat

    I love listening to music I must learn now how to play want I love beautiful Piece thank you

  2. Jazzguts

    Very nice, you play this piece in a rubato kind of way, free rhythm which lively up the piece, I believe it's an anonymus piece, composer un known, good sounding guitar. Greetings Vic.

  3. Dom St

    It's just beautiful, congratulations you have a great talent. A like merit, I subscribe to your channel with pleasure. Do not hesitate to subscribe I also play the guitar less well than you but with passion. See you soon to share our love of music. Dom St & Florine 👏👏👏❤️

  4. downhill2400

    Lovely performance in lovely setting! Thank you so much for sharing your love of guitar with us!!

  5. pr33 ta

    I want to meet 😀 you r very good by art and smile😃

  6. Jé remy

    Thanks for the video a little question what is your guitar and what kind of guitar do you recommand for a beginner who wants to play spanish style around 200euros ? 😊

  7. Sancho Panzes

    This was my first piece playing. Sooooo beautiful and well played. Thnx Edina! Hope to meet you once on my way to Santiago.

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