Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton #2of2 (Songs Guitar Lesson ST-317) How to play


  1. Ink

    You're not taking your time for beginners to get used to it. You threw it all together.

  2. Francis Lim

    You are one of the better teachers around,why some thumbs down,well ,I guess they have NO ACHIEVEMENT WHATSOEVER,always looking for EXCUSES for not doing well.I bet they don’t know how to play the guitar too,except the organ,I MEAN THE SEX ORGAN!

  3. Mark Forrest

    Always wanted to play this 2nd part. Beautiful song Great lesson Justin well done!

  4. roy mcleod

    ya that was a sad thing that happened,plus you are just as good as eric thanks man

  5. Hooch

    Justin, Absolutely outstanding job on your performance and on your instruction! Your made a fairly complex song ( with very unique chords) very easy to understand and learn. I like the thumb over method, it makes a lot of chords easier to switch to. Also, I like how you show the alternate bar chords, it's convenient to have choices. Kind regards, Hooch😇

  6. Aung Du lamai

    Thanks so much for this amazing lesson sir!! I always wanted to play this song but figuring out by myself is hard enough. Fortunately, Im glad im found this channel.

  7. Zyoti Bhattarai

    Hey Justin, just commented to say you are a great teacher, your look makes viewer think that doing this song is easy(which is not easy in fact :D). Keep playing. Wishes from Nepal!! 🙂

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