Three Empty Words Shawn Mendes Guitar Tutorial Lesson |Tabs + Chords + Studio/Easy Version + Cover|


  1. lou racoon

    Hi! I don't understand how to do this at 6:30…really…

    AVIS AUX FRANÇAIS: 6:30 si vous avez réussi vous pouvez expliquer ? ^^

  2. Bry Lim

    nice tutorial! hope u can do dangerously by charlie puth thx! hope u see this

  3. Ankit Yadav

    please make a finger picking lesson of NUMB (linkin park). it is an awesome song. plz

  4. Wilbur Lubrin

    You're so gooooooooodd!! Everything's so clear to me. Yeah, please will you make a tutorial on Shout About It by The Vamps! Thanks!

  5. GordonPlanB

    Man its hard to play when you keep refering to the strings as numbers instead of EBGDAE

  6. Jacketfo

    By far the best guitar tutorial videos on YouTube. Any chance you could do a tutorial on John Mayer's "Your Body's A Wonderland?"

  7. Xzety

    could you please do "please dont go" by Joel Adams, you'r turtoritalls are the only ones i find usefull 🙂 (ignore my name:p)

  8. MelSoldier

    Please help me. what kind of strings i need to play pop and acoustic covers in my guitar. And i dont know if there are anti rust strings because I live in a place with a lot of humidity. I have a acoustic Fender

  9. Rosie Rosas

    Your tutorials helped me learn a lot within a month of owning a guitar. Thank you so much, I was wondering if you can do DOPE by FiFth Harmony

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