Baby Bash – Suga Suga Ft. Frankie J GUITAR TUTORIAL – Lesson by Esteban Dias


  1. Hazem A

    Hey buddy On the first chord U say in the tutorial to pluck a,g,b,a, b with drum, then back to g but when u first play it looks like you do a,b a ,b with drum then G . Unless my eyes and ears are lying to me . I’m knew to the guitar as well . Please let me know I’m really trying to learn . And ur videos are amazing hopefully u make a Comeback

  2. Brett Finberg

    This is a great video man. That's life isn't it… we can get lost in the busyness…

  3. william nelson

    dude you need to come back and do some real rap music with R n B rape is shit now days. like who the hell picks the name lil wang lol

  4. Powi

    "because before You know You'll be thirty years old looking like 20 years old doing incredible stuff" yeah… that really makes me appreciate old times when I was full of insecurities and fears much more…

  5. Palma Hdz

    Hey man isn't the e minor supposed to be played in the 7th fret like in the song?

  6. Zepp

    The chords are right but I know for sure I can hear a gentle slide down at the end of the second phrase. But I'm not how to get that sound being in open e minor position

  7. martinezjr83

    I know you're busy but how to play dear momma would be awesome. thanks for the videos

  8. Absolved Mind

    its crazy how I was 15 yrs old just learning how to play beautiful by Mariah Carey from you.

    18 now and I wish I didn't drop out… fuck this shit man!

  9. Julai Sassy l

    when are you going to do more videos? seems like a long time since you posted a new one. you're one of my favorites to learn how to play guitar btw

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