Breakthrough Method For Learning The Guitar Fretboard (


  1. 23thornb

    is the green one the only one on the website from the color system? I can't find any others.

  2. Ditto

    You should make a video on the stages of a gary moore song such as parisienne walkways

  3. Kiina

    Soon. Soon you will be mine.

    And by you I mean the lessons.

  4. Jonny Briers

    What's the difference between this and CAGED? I don't get how there can be 7…

  5. Russell Davis

    I was really excited when you posted the game, picking out the E note on each string, or the G note etc etc sadly it was not much of a join in. I think you missed a golden opportunity for all your fans from beginners to advance. USE the game again cover all the notes from top to bottom in slow time for beginners, up the tempo for intermediates, and for advanced make them solo from note to note the game series could be “note to note” from A-F without solos and with solos? Perhaps even play a drum and or bass line as a backing track. Learning any subject can be boring, teachers should not only teach subject matter, but also inspire and motivate.

  6. RC32

    Ahh definitely an informative video! I do forget the basics and fundamentals within fretboard every once in a while!

  7. Jakob Keene

    I love how you make these tricks and stuff to make guitar easier and better. Keep up the great stuff!

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