Deep Blues Grind – An Easy Cigar Box Guitar Lesson


  1. Troy Gavis

    Hey Shane. 1st. off. Thxs for all the tutelage video's. Needless to say, They keep me out of a lot of trouble. So I guess in some way's, You're like running daycare? Beings how I'm unsupervised when I get off work. LOL! 2nd. You were playing that with a preamp. But had a bolt for your bridge. And didn't see a under the saddle peazo type pickup? Did you run a peazo pickup disc into the plugin of the preamp? Did you splice into a existing under the saddle pickup? I asked Gitty if it could be done? And Nick said it would take some doing. So was just wondering how ya did it? Thanks. And Stay in tune. Later man. Troy.

  2. Rob Luke

    Great lesson Shane,….. that's the backyard blues , brother. Thank you……

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