Grant Green – How to Bridge Bebop and Blues


  1. Jens Larsen

    Keep the suggestions coming for songs and Artists! This is from the comments on last video ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ristics4

    Yes! More grant green inspired lessons please! Iโ€™m super interested in how grant incorporates the blues into his bebop style, can you stretch this lesson a bit further?

  3. Shuzies

    Jens around 4:14 are you playing all the same notes as written? G7 ends on G right?

  4. Mac

    I didn't catch the name of the tune from the vid, I might have missed it -anyway, it's "Miss Ann's Tempo", really amazing playing, will give it a good few listens before checking this lesson out. Nice one Lars!

  5. Fynn

    Hi Jens
    Maybe you could do a Video on how we can insert double time lines in a senseful way in our improvisations?
    I transcribed the Jackie Mclean solo on cool strutin and took the double time lines and wrote variations on it-but it still
    sound such like a finger exersice if I play those in my Improvisation..

  6. john hrock100

    Thanks for keeping the jazz greats alive in our memories. Grant Green got some fire in his playing.

  7. Michael Otto Guitar

    My favorite Grant Green Solo: No 1 Green Street
    By the way, I was wondering when you say you got the solo as a homework from your teacher…Do you still take lessons (not that you need to…) or do you mean back in the days? I know it is a stupid question, but I just was wondering…..
    Thank you for all the amazing lessons!

  8. Jaxx Landry

    Grant Green's version of 'People' is one of my all time favourite solos. You should do a video on it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  9. Jaxx Landry

    Grant Green's version of 'People' is one of my all time favourite solos. You should do a video on it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  10. Asif Luger

    Another option is Benny Golson's solo from Moanin' by Art Bleaky and the Jazz Massengers, which is one of my all time favorites.

  11. garububoy

    I love Grant Green ! My favorite solo is the one he played on "Jean de Fleur", a song he wrote that's on the "Idle Moments" album.

  12. Jur de Vries

    hey jens, great video again. im just curious if you are familiar with Django Reinhardts solo on Honeysuckle Rose with the Duke Ellington orchestra. He plays a hollobody electric, the tone is simply amazing for that time and his ideas are just unique. Although especially in his early jazz phrasing i can hear a lot of Louis Armstrong. I would love to hear what you think of this solo. Greetings from Rotterdam zuid ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Robert Douglas

    if you keep playing that unexpected note, with naturally sorry to say resolution, you will, thank you so much, bring me to tears, keep up your beautiful work, have a younger brother ' Ronnie Douglas Blues Band' and a late brother, Larry Douglas that was something else. I just could't help but feel honoured to hear your stuff, My late father joined up in WW2 , As a big band era type, grew to love that stuff, ww2 cut off his studies, but he managed to pass that love to his kids. Thank you Jens for reminding me about something! Big Thanks!

  14. Obie Montellano

    One of my inspirations! He was very influential. Single note master and funk jazz father.

  15. Traveling man

    Grant had perfect pitch and barely could read music. What we hear is creative singable story telling lines with great development driven by his masterful floating time feel. He has the same 'ears" that all the great tenor sax cats had.

  16. Grits Gravy

    Sonny stitt and Bernie green did an album called My Main Man with Joe Diorio on guitar…excellent version (my favorite) of The Night Has A Thousand Eyes. Latin compin and a nice solo. Whole album is killer tho!

  17. katana7xv

    Another great treatment of Green, thanks. If I Should Lose You and Green with Envy (both versions, variations on Nica's Dream)

  18. Robert Douglas

    Thank you, Like a sad piano tune, Chicago horn on a a, fire escape in the 40s just speeded up, Thankyou, Hearing, slowing down, speeding up, I cant read, but I understand, Keep it up!

  19. povonodo

    Thanks for the vid. Maybe I missed it, but what is the title of the G.G. track with this solo?

  20. Bradley Corr

    My personal favorite solo of his is from his rendition of "My Favorite Things".

  21. Thomas A

    Simply Red is a great writer and has a good backing group..Holding back the years is fairly simple maybe you could say how Jens would approach a solo over this progression. Thanx for all the great playing.Tea

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