Larry Carlton Slow Jazz Blues Triad Pairs Lick – BP Blues Transcription & Analysis


  1. worgegramsci105

    I know this is unrelated, but I got GP7's trial version yesterday and, despite the fact that I actually enjoy using it and visually I prefer it to GP6, I still cannot understand how I got 9 crashes in 2 days, and the fact that their "FAQ" includes TWO questions regarding crashes makes me expect they are not going to solve this issue (I saw your videos from last year, and doing research I found out these crashes are common). Do you still have to deal with these random crashes? Now I'm obsessed with Ctrl+S

  2. Ellio1862

    Thick question. Couldn’t this be transcribed in 3/4 time? It’s a triplet pulse like 12/8.

  3. Dennis H

    Very cool breakdown Levi. It really hammers home the importance of learning all of those triads!

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