Lick Of The Day 67 – Minor Pentatonic Lick Ideas – Positions 2 And 3 – Guitar Lesson


  1. Rodrigo Montemezzo

    Thank you very much again for the lick, man!! Pretty Pretty Preeeeeeeettttttty awesome!!!! Cheers from Brazil!

  2. Sandwiches

    Hey papa can you do a video of how to play a Gary Clark Jr piece called The Night Me and Your Mama Met. The solo on it is great

  3. Olivier Pillon

    fantastic stuff thanks Mr Brett …….c'est toujours un plaisir tes leçons Brett Merci …..

  4. Lothar ThirtyFour

    You picked the wrong Warren. Warren Haynes is my pick. I thought Dimartini died of aids or something?

  5. Marius Frøiland

    Picking the brain of guitar gods :
    Angus Young
    Joe Bonamassa

    All though you really know your stuff aswell sir!

    Been playing for 22 years, and still learning new stuff, one of the things I love about this amazing instrument!

  6. autocrow

    Good licks. I need to learn more. I've been studying Angus Young lately and love his blues style licks, and the way he mixes major and minor pentatonic. He also plays in the key of "A" a lot, which makes learning his licks easier. I think it would be fun to meet Brett Papa, Marty Schwartz, Tim Pierce. : )


    you should change the title of this vid…the current title "How To Mix Major Pentatonic And Chromatic Licks – Guitar Lesson" is totally inaccurate…it should be learning interlpay of chords and licks in Am pentatonic…good vid, though…

  8. Slowpoke

    Brett I'm hanging out for these upcoming rhythm courses. Even if you just had lessons on how to play the off handed rhythm intros and endings that you usually don't explain or just gloss over on all your lead guitar lessons, that would be awesome. Which of your courses should I purchase for that sort of thing?

  9. Diego O' Land

    John Petrucci, Steve Morse, and the late Les Paul (hard to imagine electric guitar without Les). And runner up Mr. Chet Atkins, not a terrifying rocker but he knew a thing or two about playing chord tones.

  10. Diego O' Land

    Everyone who purchases X before midnight is entered into a drawing to win a skype lesson with you would sure get my interest.

  11. J Guse

    My 3 – 1/Ronnie Earl 2/Jimmy Vaughan 3/Jimmy Thackery
    Love your lessons Very informative
    Quick question – What's that sitting on top of your amp?

  12. Tim's how to make

    Mhhh I have a wish can you make a vid with some cool licks just using the E A and D string course the most vids on youtube all about licks on the G B E string

    hope you can help on this 😉
    cheers Tim

  13. Tim's how to make

    yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss first lol 😉

    haha good to see you have fun with your guitar
    very like this lick Papa
    big hug Tim

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