The Head And The Heart – Lost In My Mind Acoustic Guitar Lesson


  1. Matanumi

    this has to be the easiest song to learn… even more so then working class hero!

  2. Daniel Rich

    Anyone else feel like the release of the string for one down strum is pointless?
    I don’t even think the song does that but even if it does it barely adds to the song

  3. Seth Carpenter

    My ultimate goal is to be able to play Down in the Valley by The Head and the Heart on guitar. I've almost fully got the intro down, but the rest of the song isn't taught well by anyone on YouTube. Do you think you could make a tutorial of that song?

  4. Bryan Blanchard

    Thank you so much for these videos man. I saw your Lord Huron vid for "Until The Night Turns" and you have helped me out so much with the strumming patterns. Thanks again so so much!

  5. Jennifer R.

    Yes, I did check that one out about a year ago. It's close but not quite. Chris GS has one that sounds right on, even though he's using a 12-string. Problem is, the viewer can't see his right hand for the picking. Eric doesn't continuously pick the C-root though the intro which you can hear in the org track. Thanks for your videos!

  6. Jennifer R.

    You should do Down in the Valley. I cant figure out the picking for the intro! 🙁

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