When you say nothing at all guitar lesson fingerstyle intro (www.tamsguitar.com)


  1. VM Pineda

    Thanks, it is very helpful for people who want to learn this beautiful song.

  2. Christopher Fultz

    First and for most this is not Ronan song it is by late great Elliott county Kentucky artist Keith Whitley…

  3. SARAellen13

    I've watched around 4 different videos on the same tutorial and was really struggling until I found this. Picked up the intro in about 5 minutes! Thanks!

  4. Liz D

    can i request a tutorial for the song more than words please…

  5. Mark Pardilla

    hi sir good day.. i like your video but i can't get it.. the intro you're playing at the start of your video is different from what you demonstrate.. at the 1st part in G chord you told us to pick 6423, but in your intro at the start of your video your not picking 4… only 6 then direct to 32.. i keep on repeating your video but still i had same analysis.. thats why no matter how i play it the tune is different from yours..

  6. shashank sharma

    hey sir! plz can you upload Justin bieber acoustic as long as you love me song lesson plz sir its big rqst sir ….I want it ..nd its necessary sir for me plz sir

  7. Akshat Kaila

    A big thank you for this lesson. A great video and a great lesson, so simple.
    Please make a lesson for "Sanam Re" title song and "Chal Wahan Jate Hain".. It's a request.

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