1. Barry Lewis

    Thanks for the simplified version of Moon Dance.  I use the CAGED figuring that helps keep the fingers ready when you do barres.   Happy New Year.

  2. Banjoscotty

    Howdy, I enjoy your acoustic stuff. Just wondering, can you give a little history on your Aria. Looks like a lawsuit Takamine I just found and bought. Its a great guitar as it looks and sounds like yours is also. Any info would be appreciated. I did not know that Aria did a Martin look a like. Thanks a lot.

  3. Dedstar

    Dear Jackson,
    Great presentation. I still consider you as my teacher if you don't mind.
    I feel sorry about one thing – you do not make covers ! Your voice is perfect for rock.
    Thank you very much for lessons. Thumbs up !
    Best regards from Moscow,

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