Big Bill Broonzy Guitar Lesson


  1. Walter Brancatisano

    I really appreciated The first time it goes to A in the progression you have chosen to play the E note at first string rather than the second like big bill did. Leaving the chord for a moment you create a remarkable rythm effect. I am going to play it like that as well! what in my opinion you should do is to strike more strings at the same time with your thumb, using your wirst a little like if you were strumming and always start at the lowest string even if you're not using your left hand fingers on the right notes (after all you're dumping it). You'll see the rythm effect will grow even more!

  2. lygoi055

    saw the same quote with Otis Redding name. possible he was quoting Broonzy and whoever took it down didn't know 

  3. mr johnnydownunder

    Jim hard to believe it but you are getting better all the time. Like me you must be watching your videos, keep posting you are inspirational.

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