Danny Gill Arpeggio Tapping Lick Lesson With FREE TAB – LickLibrary


  1. Thomas Hoy

    Really? You don't even give Nuno the nod for this or change up the pattern. Yep. lame.

  2. Licklibrary - Online Guitar Lessons

    Well, (in super short mode) when you play a song the chords in it are built from a scale, so when it comes to composing melodies and solos, you'll want to have a good understanding of that particular key/scale

  3. Guitar Fun

    @dannyhood66 we call it the 9th in a chord when we are also playing the 7th. No 7th: call it a 2nd

  4. Danny Hood

    Why do they always call the 2nd note in the scale add 9? Because after 8 notes it is 9 to the universe. Id call it A major 2nd anyone want 2nds,,,'' As if dont want any 2nds, we'll make sure you get some to take home with

  5. Danny Hood

    The idea is nuno bettencourt, the right handed taps would have made difference if you would change the notes up some, Great lick though,,,the guys who shred know this upside down backwards

  6. AKAdice100

    Hey licklibrary which DVD could i purchase for Beginners? like i have a very good background on guitar playing scales keys and playing but i am more of a Rythm ( Metal guitar player Progressive/death ) so on but i cant solo as good as my rythm and have problems improvising solos so which DVD would be recommended plz and ty 😀

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