Foo Fighters – Everlong (Guitar Cover) (Play Along Tabs In Video)


  1. better everyday1M

    Great video bro…question im trying to play the drums record and then let it play while i play the guitar do know what program i can used? Or how can i do it

  2. Tyler Gaskell

    This is great! It makes me wanna hear you do Monkey Wrench because of the Drop D Tuning.

  3. JennaPasta

    This song is so fun to play, but it makes my hands uber tired. I hope I'm not developing bad habits as a self taught guitarist :/

  4. Tyler Aguilar

    Hey I have another question. How did you get two videos together like that. Is there a certain program on the computer that does that

  5. Tyler Aguilar

    What kind of pedals/effects did you use to get that kind of tone? It sounds exactly like the original

  6. Master Jar

    What are the settings on your amp? Im having a hard time making it sound like the original

  7. covers guitar

    Oye amigo nosotros somos un grupo de jovenes de 14 años me presnto soy el lider de una banda q hemos creado llama ( sin ideas 542) bueno la duda es q como nosotros conosimos tu canal y teniamos pensado si es que te quieres unir a la banda seria un gusto recibirte solo de pende de ti y de donde viva nosotros somo de santiago,huechuraba y algunos dias viernes y sabados nos juntamos a tocar musica creada por mi y por mis compañeros espero q lo leeas y si aceptas seria perfecto para la banda pero no te obligo a hacer solamente escoje tu si quieres me despido y saludos

  8. Tyler Aguilar

    The sound from your amp in the beginning of the song when the second guitar comes in is beautiful. I love it. Great cover!

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