Greta Van Fleet “Black Smoke Rising” Guitar Lesson


  1. Alex Sanders

    I've been waiting for you to do a tutorial on GVF! I couldn't find any other videos that were as helpful as yours, they are detailed but not boring and straight to the point. I'd be cool to bring back some of Hendrix's stuff as well! Maybe a video on "Killing Floor" but the live version from the Monterey Pop Festival, the intro to that song is so badass!

  2. Tim stevens

    Awesome song, and awesome lesson! You should do a lesson for Search and Destroy by The Stooges next!!!

  3. Abby Love

    So many new GVF guitar tutorials have been coming out the past few days! Love it

  4. Chris Berry

    Omg yes thank you soo much man for doing this ive been trying to learn this song ever sence i started listining to greta van fleet you kick ass dude

  5. Dalton Fitzpatrick

    Hey man thanks for all you do for beginning guitar players like me keep up the good work!🤘and I was actually wondering if you could teach four songs for me if you got time?

  6. Double J

    Hey Marty, do you think you could do a tutorial for through glass by stone sour?

  7. iceonaboy

    Hey Marty, love your vids. Please, please can you do "Anybody wanna take me home" by Ryan Adams? Great guitar song!

  8. K R

    Love it Marty… a great infusion to the great rock genera …its great to hear how some youth can bring some new energy! thanks brother.

  9. I Is Jeff

    Really appreciate it marty! You actually teach guitar unlike the other youtube guitar “teachers” that just play to show off and dont really teach. You break it down enough to learn step by step. More greta van fleet lessons hopefully!

  10. Cole Matthew

    Can you do a lesson on the solos for this song and some of the other ones Marty

  11. Mr Wolf

    That type of D chord is the same one used in jumper by third eye blind

  12. James Barros

    Can you let us know how you get the tones along with how to play it? As always you sound amazing and are a great teacher. Thank you.

  13. The Dude

    Well, since it's my 26th birthday I'd like to make a request for a Mississippi Queen lesson 🙂

  14. Jamie Eastman

    15 people with seizures accidentally face rolled the keyboard and hit the dislike button, its an epidemic! Smoke some weed, it will help with your seizures. It might also help you to be less negative 😉

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