Guitar Tutorial – Masquerade – George Benson


  1. mrshiney2

    great lesson…but not a F flat 5. Fm with a major 7…the e on the 4 th string 2nd fret

  2. Jason Levin

    That's not a Fm7 (b5), it's a Fm (maj7). Your playing the right chords, but calling it wrong there, 

  3. NardoFree2

    +binbear4 Thanks guy for the lessons on line it is greatly appreciated….hope you keep it going …thanks again…

  4. Tom Meyer

    I want to thank you very much for this video.  This song has always been a reference point for me as a guitar player.  With your thoughtful teaching, I can now play a song that I always thought of as being completely "out of my league".  thank you again for spending the time.

  5. Frank Kramer

    Great teaching job. Very close to another YouTube teacher titled ToneDr .good work on this tune

  6. 97yawnac

    Great Lesson.
    Simple chords and flange that do a lot for the sound. 

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