Kashmir by LED ZEPPELIN – Guitar Lesson


  1. daveedgeguitar

    Great lesson Bobby! Could you do one on a couple of Seals & Crofts tunes? Windflowers and Wayland The Rabbitt. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Immortal_Llama

    Bobby, I love your channel, I love your teaching, I love everything about this. But I would love you to prices of you could do Jackson by Johnny cash

  3. Dean Macka

    Hey mate have you got any white snake riffs or licks up your sleeve?

  4. Dean Macka

    Great stuff, thanks mate I love this lick then again who doesn't great stuff mate

  5. emirhan

    it'll be a heavy might if you consider with an another looking but please, could you do a lesson videos of the songs that i'll write in this comment, please?

    rick astley – never gonna give you up (i found a tab but no lesson video. it's very complicated)
    a fistful of dollars and for a few dollars more theme songs (i found a tab but it's so straight. no hammer on, pull off type technics explained)
    the spotnicks – the rocket man (find out a cover video but it's no use)
    miles davis – so what and dave brubeck – take five

    please make the lesson videos and share at youtube for this 6 songs in an available time. thanks now!

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