Stella by Starlight (Jazz Guitar Lesson 44)


  1. Ugo Borrey

    Hi Mikko, thank you for another great video!
    Could I make a suggestion for a future video?: I really love the way you place your notes on top of the backing tracks, especially when you play eighth notes. You seem to play them quite straight, even on some medium slow swing. You also seem to play behind the beat, and I really love the effect! Did you consciously practice this? If so, do you have any advice on how to achieve this really fluid and smooth flow of eighth notes?
    Regarding my own playing, I tend to sometimes find that special "flow" but can't be keep it for long and loose it again. I seem to have days on and days off regarding this, and it affects all of my improvisation.
    I would love you to do a video about this, "How to articulate a flow of eighth notes in different tempos and feels/rythms"

  2. Shuzies

    Very Nice full of great info….thank you…any YouTube Live shows coming?…ron

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