Tracing a guitar to build your own


  1. Thomas Tommy

    Wow an awesome great video. I am looking so forward to watching the whole build. I want to save all the videos. I loved hearing you guys play the old guitars. I think the older guitars are the best of the best. Thank you so much. I hope you both have a Very Blessed Week.

  2. M. P.

    I wouldn't let a knife anywhere near that guitar if it were mine. Trace it with the edge of a pencil, then remove it and cut.

  3. gary swift

    Nice tutorial! I've duplicated guitars before, but didn't know about that stiff transparent vellum. Great tip!

  4. Lee Hunter

    Maybe rub the tracing paper with a pencil or crayon around the edges of the guitar and sound hole. Then you could cut it out with the x-acto after you remove the paper from the guitar. Kinda like how gravestone rubbings are done. That way would probably be a little lower risk.

  5. Taniwha Sutherland

    I've been tryna get my hands on plans for the same guitar. Chances of posting a scanible plan for those that have no chance of ever being able to trace the real thing.

  6. LarryUK

    I have an Eko Ranger that I learned to play on 48 years ago when I was 11. I’d bet it’s as good as this guitar apart from it being bolt on neck. It’s a great guitar and if you find one, buy it.

  7. Michael Copado

    Are you guys going to do a series outlining the whole incredible sounding build? Please?

  8. Eisenhower42

    So nice to see a young man apprenticing with a master – and the love of guitar alive and well in the next generation. Great video!

  9. David Gill

    What's the device on the 5th fret of the J35 at the end of the video?

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