20 Slash Licks – Slash Guitar Licks Lesson


  1. Yoni Kup

    great video! would be great if you made more slash rock blues videos!

  2. Adam Zhou

    Great lesson man! Thank you so much for doing it. Any chance you can tell me the key of every lick u played?

  3. IGarrettI

    Love the Third one. Reminders me of snakepit era. Gonna have to come back to this video tommorow or whenever I got a moment. Keep it up! Never enough of Slash. Also I love that too far gone one! Any tips on learning such fast licks? Often even slower they sound like mambo Jambo speed magic.

    Ps. Snakepit era licks vid perhaps?;)

  4. Ace Magtira

    nice licks and the aesthetics on this video is spot on. great job brother

  5. Dan Official

    Here it is guys! It took me a while to finish this lesson, as it's packed with content and awesome slash licks! I hope you like it! Don't forget to subscribe, smash that like button and comment down below what artist I should do a guitar licks lesson like this one on! Helps out a lot! 🙂 -Dan

  6. GuitarPlayingTV

    Nice!!! Finally another electric lesson and and awesome one! Gonna go through all of these licks one by one. Slash is one of my favorite players too

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