And The Winner Is… BEST OF YOU BY FOO FIGHTERS! (Guitar Lesson)


  1. Pat Prime

    I'd forgotten how to play this, and while could've just figured it out again as always you make it a pleasure to play along. You're doing a great job! Keep it up (and get to Marker in the Sand)

  2. randidil1981

    Love it Ryan – so simple, yet so good 👍 How’s Chinese coming along?? 😉

  3. Justin Taylor

    And the Rain Song please Ryan, beautiful acoustic guitar in that.
    Now I’m progressing on the axe I feel it’s time to tinker around with Zeppelin.
    That should bring me back to earth!!Cheers.

  4. Justin Taylor

    I’ve just picked up my guitar for the first time in a week due to my annual pilgrimage to the Isle of Man TT. This is the perfect song to try and learn, cheers Ryan.
    Could you put Tangerine by Zeppelin the acoustic version on the list please.

  5. Glissmann

    thank you great lesson – I am on holidays (no guitar with me) and as soon as I get back home I will grab my guitar

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