Q&A: Chords and Scales Fundamentals – for Jazz Guitar Beginners (Putting it All Together)


  1. pleximanic

    Before you can play fast, you have to be able to hear it loud fast and clear!

  2. ronnieanand

    Can I have your mail ID. I wanted to reserve a slot for the Video Lesson.

  3. Mikael Flarup Bagger

    Great inspiration! I love that part, if you actually hear Happy Birthday in the middle of your solo, then play it! I too have practised a shitload of scales, arpeggios etc., and got the sense that I missed something. The melody! So now I'm practising at an ultra-slow tempo, only playing what I hear beforehand. It's extremely hard, but it really feels like I'm 'singing through the guitar' 🙂

  4. Jazz Guitar Lessons

    Ahaha! Right. (-:
    Well, let's say that playing a lot on the same tune / chord progression / scale / arpeggio and being able to HEAR all of which you're doing is a good starting point. A very precise exercise is "DONT play unless your really hear it beforehand". This is extremely hard to do, though.

  5. Jazz Guitar Lessons

    I don't know! … but what I DO know though, is that I'm not 100% clear, concise and to-the-point in this video … lack of preparation perhaps. I wanted to give it a feel of "discussing this with a friend sitting at a bar". (-:

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