What does it take to break a Fender stratocaster neck?


  1. Strongholle

    Without string tension it's easier for it to survive, still pretty impressive.

  2. Max Mustermann

    Will, wasn't there a video on your channel on how to make your own evh frankenstein pickup ? Not sure, but i couldn't find anything..

  3. jamesha175

    way to go karate man. my strat is on it's 5th neck – not because they break, but because i play so much i wear out the frets.

  4. RagingDragon13

    The silver lining with Fender head stocks and necks is it takes a lot to break one. Even if this happens its usually repairable. Or even cooler is since they are bolt on, if its not a vintage guitar or anything expensive or a guitar you aren't going to sell, just replace the whole neck entirely. I knew somebody who this happened to on their USA standard, and he replaced the neck with a super cool flame maple neck from a standard neck with a rosewood fretboard. Also a lot of times with Gibsons, the headstock breaks because people do silly shit like lean it up against a wall, jump around when playing one on stage, or not wearing strap locks. They are less forgiving if you drop it or do silly shit to it compared to a Fender, Ibanez etc

  5. Pyro321boom

    Will, youre absolutley bonkers but in the name of science. Really appreciate these videos man

  6. buzzsawblade1

    Is that a real Fender neck , or a knock off ? Why no skunk stripe ? I have only seen this on after market , or kit necks ! Though I might be mistaken !

  7. MR B

    isnt there a promo photo of leo fender standing on one of his guitar necks

  8. Valentino

    What I would find even more entertaining is if this was a habitual behavior with you to be regularly breaking things.

  9. Dobie Dad

    Next time, smash the whole Strat. like rockers do on stage. More entertaining 😎🎸

  10. Max Molina

    Would a quarter-sawn neck prevent this? Because the grain runs straight instead of side ways?

  11. Zigfrid Washburn

    Thank you for that video! Actually, I would like to try, but you did it! GREAREST RESPECT, 1000 LIKES

  12. david thompson

    He used a cheap Chinese neck! I would like to see this done using an actual American strat neck!

  13. lazy RRR

    πŸ‘ while loving my Gibsons, i use my Fender out in bars . . . You never know when you may have to use it defensively πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯

  14. karlc267

    seen a few truss rod areas cracking – seems to be the thinnest bit.

  15. Borislav Georgiev

    Yeah…unfortunately there's just too many strat necks out there…If you were to do some good, you'd need a great number of followers πŸ™‚

  16. 74dart man

    Damn! I could have used that neck! I need one for an upcoming build!

  17. Marcel van der Linden

    Of course it's gunna break with a half decent overhead swing of a 16lb sledge. Bit disappointed you didn't do a few smaller taps first and then incrementally wind up the intensity to prove what strength it does have…

  18. Joshua Carrasquillo

    DudeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you’re always doing crazy shit with your shirts lmfao. Is that backwards AND inside out?! I fuckin love your channel lol

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