Electric Guitar Lessons – Scales – Minor Pent. Root on A String Part 2


  1. Homey10Paper

    It seems in this case he is using left handed damping in combination with the right hands upstrokes to provide rhythymic accents. Keeping the shape of the chord you are using at the time simply lift the pressue on your fretting hand so you aren't pressing hard enough to sound the notes, yet keeping in full contact with the strings (this allows you to dampen or mute them to avoid any ringing tones you don't want).


  2. Homey10Paper

    Then at the same time with the right you rake that 'chucka' feel out of it to breathe some life into the song.

    Everyone voices this a little different and it and how and when you use it can become on of the cornerstones to finding your own sound amongst all those players out there.

  3. xr650r01

    Marty, I decided to stop practicing guitar….Rather, I offered my soul to the devil for your robust chops.

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