Guitar Styles: Rock Guitar – Lesson One


  1. Inna Leonoff

    id like to get good at guitar i just i dont have time to practice like 4 hrs a day perhaps guitar is not for me i should pursue some other hobby

  2. RebornGuitarLearner

    Thanks Andrew for ALL of your informative videos.

    Your tips on making a living in music was especially an eye opener! Thank you so much!

  3. kumarramesh46

    Hi Andrew, Can you please post a Electric guitar tutorial on , Guitar pickups.. When to use what type of pickups during playing electric guitar ??? I am a beginner in this and dont have much knowledge about all this pickups. Even in youtube i didnt find any good videos which clearly explains. It could be helpful for us if u post a video tutorial on electric guitar pickups and its uses. Thanks so much in advance……….

  4. creativeguitarstudio

    Yes, it is a 1987 ST-3 Made in USA guitar. It has the original DiMarzio in the bridge, a USA single coil Strat pick-up in the middle and a Seymour Duncan Cool Rail in the neck.

    It is an amazing guitar!

  5. creativeguitarstudio

    Hi drowzy721,

    I actually don't have a backing track of the whole chart yet. The clip I play live off the floor in the video here is only 90% of this piece, (it doesn't have the solo section).

    But, I'll have a backing track of the whole thing for the second video pertaining to this lesson.
    Stay Tuned…

    Pls. subscribe – Thanks!
    – Andrew

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