Learn How to Play Guitar Lesson Part 4


  1. Mabmark

    if you want to learn how to play acoustic and electric guitar
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    I make beginner lessons on chords, songs, technique, and much more
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  2. Where Happiness Meets

    hey your videos are very helpful im planning on buying my first guitar this week and I wanted to ask your opinion on the one i'm considering, First of all my budget is $300 for electric guitar and amp. I found a Ibanez SGA60JW for $146 and was recommended to buy the Mustang I amp for $100. Do you think that work for a newbie? I'm not sure what type of music I want to play yet and was told the double coil on the Ibanez will support a wider range of music. Should I hold out for a better model?

  3. J4m3z1

    My new elect guit just arrived whilst I was watching this! ^_^

  4. J4m3z1

    I guess this is the part where I go and buy an electric guitar.

  5. lindatolli

    I love your lessons, I'm thinking about learning! Need to buy a guitar first 😛
    This 4th video has bad screaching sounds though 🙁
    hope you can fix that!!
    Love, Linda =)

  6. KuleWolf

    Hi, I like you as a guitar teacher so much i thing you are very good, i also like the first part you played in this video, it sounded like blues. The only thing is that i could hear more static in this video than the actual sound. Thanks anyway i am going to start the lessons with you.
    Please keep making this videos.

  7. Joseph Kim

    if you look down a coupe posts, i made some gear suggestions to another person. they'd probably apply to you as well.

  8. Joseph Kim

    well, it all depends on budget.

    I'd say to buy the best guitar that you can afford, cause its worth the extra money.

    don't buy cheap starter packts, costco guitars, etc.

    The Fender MIM Strat has really good value, a good guitar for around 400 bucks. But i personally don't like strats.

    As for the amp, i would look into the Roland Cubes or the Vox Valvetronix. I know its not a tube amp, but its cheaper and good enough.

  9. Joseph Kim

    i have around 5 guitars, but my nice ones are my les paul and my taylor acoustic.

    i'm planning to purchase an ibanez jem soon.

    my amp is the line 6 flextone. I want to upgrade that too, but probably not anytime soon.

  10. weckar

    2 Qs: how many guitars do you have?
    What type of amp do you use?

  11. Joseph Kim

    yeahh really sorry about that.

    my webcam sucks and the mic was set way too high.

    it'll be fixed for the following lessons.

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