Easy Licks That Sound Advanced!


  1. Mark Tiarra

    This is great. I love watching students light up when you teach them things like this.

  2. Nacho Ejem

    Adam stop making videos and go to the studio and record something with, dani, james and justin. damn

  3. Melvin Colvon

    Awesome lessons, now Im inspired to put it down on the strings YEA!!!! great right before a power chord lesson

  4. Markko

    Why you have so many guitars and amps? you even dont play with all of them.
    Dont you want to do a CHARITY and donate one of those baby´s for me ?

  5. Lukas Thomalla

    I Like the Powerchord Lick and the Van Halen Lick Most. Your Hey Arnold shirt is also cool 😀

  6. gtr362012

    For someone who “cant “ there sure was a great moment where it sounded perfect like u were gonna take off and play cliffs of dover anyway thanks for the lesson

  7. Richard Binder

    Awesome. I'm 53 and decided to go to college. There's a guitar club and everyone has an acoustic and are beginners. Brought my custom Flying V with floating Floyd Rose. I showed how to do a simple dive bomb and harmonic rise. At the end of the first meeting some went out and bought electrics. Just showed them for fun.

  8. Xyklonikus

    Wow rob. You’re tone has really become good!!! I dare say best tone of the tubers I follow

  9. david cardona

    Wow i love your play and humble way to conduct your channel and your funny manners to open it..keep rockin my friend in music..im a guitar player too. Keep the good work flowing and up!

  10. Jammy Git

    If these licks are easy there's no hope for a guitarist like me at the moment 😆

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