Metallica One intro guitar lesson


  1. Scott's Wood

    w did you get your guitar? On Dec. 2nd 2017, I emailed to ask if one of their guitar necks is in stock. "Nick" replied and said if it shows in stock on the orders page of the website, then they have it. I checked and it was in stock Dec 9th, I ordered the neck and payed $90 through paypal. Dec 13th, I hadn't heard from them so I emailed and requested a response as to when the neck would ship. Dec 14th, "Nick" replied and said that they had been out of stock for two weeks. He also said he couldn't find the order or paypal. Dec 14th , attempted to call business, left voicemail requesting refund Dec 15th emailed "Nick" with screenshots of his previous email, screenshots of the orders in stock page [still show in stock today, 12/19] called again, left voicemail. request refund via email. Provided transaction number of paypal order. Dec15th checked bank account, Louis Carroll withdrew money from paypal. Apparently the order was found. Dec 16th, opened claim against Carroll on paypal, wanting a refund. December 19th, still no contact from company. Dispute will be upgraded on 1/4/18 if no reply.

  2. Scott's Wood

    Is this company still in business? I am trying to order a guitar and they do not respond to emails. Any help appreciated.

  3. 10000diamondeyes

    awesome lesson man thanks a lot! btw if u shaved ur face and hair and lost the glasses i think youd look like maynard from tool lol

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