Tom Petty – Breakdown – Guitar Lesson – How to Play the Intro Licks


  1. Jim Wilkey

    Maybe practice your script and finger work a few times before you hit the red button. Not trying to be a dick, just giving a little advice. Thanks

  2. Jim Wilkey

    In the future, I vote that Marty just kick his lil Brother square in the Nuts and tell him thanks but no thanks Jr!

  3. chronicdeist

    Actually, Mike does the pull off-hammer on for that first phrase when I saw him play. Then he slides back and forth for the next phrase and then a slide down hammer on for the last phrase.

  4. William Clark

    Hey brothers, what kind of guitar is Zach playing? Looks like a Gibson ES what? Danks bros.!

  5. curtis mayhew

    Yall didnt show the how to play the breakdown right before the last chorus? Ya know the hardest part of the whole song? Disappointed in this video youre usually better than this marty

  6. Jeff D.

    Good video. Thanks Marty. Heard horrible news about Tom. Please play some good tribute covers.

  7. anchovyangel

    Thanks for that. Petty is amazing something so simple but yet so cool
    Just heard Don Felder of the Eagles say he gave him some guitar lessons when he was 14

  8. Just Sayin'

    There is no such thing as a key of A minor or ANY minor key. It is in the key of C of which A is the relative minor. Why contribute  to lessons by stoned dumbasses with no basic knowledge?

  9. Michael Ferry

    pretty sure the F chord is Fmaj…makes a big difference…thanks for sharing this…I'm dying to get the intro into my cover…Peace

  10. adaptiveagile

    A window into a day in the life at the Schwartz home. Great playing, Guys. Thanks for the lesson.

  11. ygurtunca

    please teach us how to play the solo of runnin' down a dream please…

  12. SlipKid84

    I always assumed you wore a hat cuz you were bald, but I guess not.

  13. Sheldon

    He's already got a video on taylor. Its either on his martysongs channel or the guitarjamz channel

  14. widol45

    Thanks again Marty, but could you and your brother show ALL of his tricks on this song Breakdown he has a cool take on it!

  15. 3/tme

    why not do a guitar rendition of the black page?

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