DIY How To Repair or Replace a Guitar Switch That Is Cutting Epiphone Gibson Les Paul Switchcraft


  1. Rod Mills

    I'm looking for a supplier of quick click volume and tone pots. Any ideas ?.

  2. David Kamminga

    So I am about to install three new switches in an epiphone double neck. Two pickup selector and one neck selector. The two terminals on one side vs one on the original one confuses me. So I watched this video and I think I understand it now. The middle one on the original now goes in the other side and the ground is now the middle of the three. I think.
    Thanks for this video.

  3. Bluppy Eastman

    Can you please make a video on how to change the selector switch ring on it? Ive wanted to change it for a while now

  4. Jakob Hale

    So i have a Schecter Tempest ive had it for a year and a half now and the bridge position is noticeably easier to push up and down than the neck position. the pickups dont cut out what should i do?

  5. Chris Dent

    Thank you for the video it was exactly what i was looking for i bought the same exact switch and was curious as to the set up and inner workings of my Epiphone. Now i need a soldering iron and im set. Thanks again rock on!!!

  6. Len Pavia

    Is there any advantage to using these open type switches as compared to the Dimarzio "box" switch? Mine keeps switching itself to the center position.

  7. Dmitri Seleznev

    Great video brother! Outstanding! Everything broken down to a little tiny details in the mean time very simple and understandable. Even a handicapped can do it now, not only me…

  8. Dale G.

    Hi, kind of new to electric guitars here, any help greatly appreciated. With the switch of my Epi LP in the middle position and the bridge volume knob turned all the way down, the volume knob for the neck pickup has no effect. But when the bridge volume is up a bit, the neck volume knob works, and it works when the switch is in the up position. The bridge volume knob also works when the neck volume is turned all the way down. Is my switch broken, or am I doing something wrong?

  9. seamanjive

    Been putting this off for a while,,,,now I;ve seen this gonna fire up the soldering iron !! Thx


    I was losing power on my bridge pickup on My Epi Les Paul. I thought it was my amp but wasn't sure. i am fortunate enough to have 3 guitars and 2 amps so I started the elimination game. I rules out the chords, effect boxes, amps and the other 2 guitars. I backed the retaining nut off slightly on the selector switch and everything came back. Seems to be working fine. Should I need to replace the switch at some point, I will coming back here for sure. If anyone knows why a too tight nut on the switch would cause this, I sure would like to know. Thanks.

  11. Lord Jock

    Good video . Just a tip here I used the "import" switch with the ground on one end and the pickup wires on the other. To avoid accidental touching I put a short piece of heat shrink on all the connections (10 ml) and slipped them over the lugs and bent them while the heat shrink was still hot , Good for the ground wire and keeps them all neat and tidy . I would do the same if I had used a switchcraft switch . Also i soldered a 2 pin connector ( mini plug and socket) to each pickup making it easy to unplug in case I need to do any maintenance

  12. Richie Cousins

    good video but I replaced mine not to long ago but the neck pickup is noticeably louder than the bridge is that the switch or volume knob issue? thank you

  13. Ross Lee

    Can anyone tell me what that type of wire is called? Wire containing a bare ground wire with another covered wire? Is this considered a 2 conduit wire?

  14. JackstandJohnny

    To. help keep those legs together for solderjng, those surgical locking foreceps(or whatever theyre called) should work well. Theyre like tiny locking pliers so theres room to lock them onto the legs without getting into the way.

  15. Singersongwriter7

    hello bro great vid…..i have an reissue 1958 vos Standard les Paul..nice guitar …i work a lot with my Switch 3 way ……… but i notice one day that one day when i pick up my guitar and i want to Play in all 3 ways cames out shit Sound……then i took some contact spray over there and in there…. Sound was better but for now the Sound arent like was before i had buy the guitar somethings sounds like if someoe hold my strings….or the Sound doesnt resonate or dont vibrating like a flute…. 🙁 what can be the caueses…pls helpppppIt can be the pick ups?

  16. Jack Maurice

    my epiphone casino neck pickup was cutting out, i took the switch out and squeezed the switch contacts together, its working fine again for now but the switch will eventually have to be replaced

  17. rey

    very nicely presented, have the same problem good to know the wirings, thanks.

  18. Kimberly Go

    Hi, I just want to verify. Are you using the Switchcraft short frame? or the long frame?

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