Four Melodies in D minor over Melodic Backing Track | Fingerstyle Solo Ep.2


  1. Win K

    Awesome! Where is part one though? I would like to start from beginning…

  2. A Vee

    Wonderful… very nice… want more and more such lessons please!!!

  3. bong cs

    The melody is sad and beautiful … Thank you. Marco !!!

  4. Ali Suni

    thanks a lot ,,, could you plz shear us the leason name of the back track or plz the link of it

  5. maximus

    Marco which pickup do you use?? So i could play like you do now… Please answer me or somebody else. Thank you!

  6. stephen williams

    Great to see the timing for the parts of the lesson on the RHS of the screen. Really liked the lesson examples and how you explained and showed the integration of which scale you were using and how and why it overlaps and works with a particular chord. Great teaching Marco!

  7. Sourav Mukherjee

    Awesome tutorial .. very useful … Expect some more tutorial on solo techniques .. Thanks Marco .. 👍👍👍.. the solo u played is beautiful…👌

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