MY HEART WILL GO ON ( TITANIC Theme ) Guitar Lesson


  1. Niransha D. Hutch

    i have s cheap guitar ,, what is your gutar model, ? my guitar does not echo until i play those 2h4p2p0 and 5h7p5p4 etc,

  2. ygobraderz

    any tips on how to hammer as im finding it hard to do so mainly on the 5h7p5p4

  3. Voxirius

    I've a classical guitar if that makes a difference and I cannot get the "pull off/hammer" parts right at all. The voice fades away after first note usually, lasts til 2nd note if I'm lucky. What could I be doing wrong, any ideas on how to fix it?

  4. juni bug

    fukin can't u play it at ONCE from the get go come on man be smarter than than the vid

  5. keyur trivedi

    Why this gentleman is not showing how to use right hand? Initials are easy but then……

  6. Solomon Hunt

    nice n slow n clear u teaching Sir , can you teach Mary did you know song sir

  7. Kashif Eric

    can you plz tell me how you teach like that
    you way of teaching is awsome i like it very much…………

  8. hassan ameen

    Very useful video for teaching this amazing song. Thank you very much for your tutorial. I have across a lot of videos teaching the same song, but I found this one very special and easy to understand. Good job.

  9. James Morvoy

    Nice… And Could please tell me what is the key (midnight express them) that you have done a video lesson for it?

  10. Fatum Burnside

    Maybe I've been a long time subscriber lol… But didn't you already post this?

    I subscribed years ago because this is the first song I learned on the guitar and you taught me.

    But maybe I'm confused.

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