232 RSW My Best Neck Repair Video Ever Part 1


  1. WowIndescribable

    "Golly"…"Pain in the neck"…"Holy mackerel"…(said Ned Flanders) …

    One wonders where your shadow side resides, Jerry…

  2. Jarrod Hurd

    I was so bummed out to learn the second video isn't up yet!! You do great work, thanks for the videos!!!

  3. Denny Ferguson

    Thanks for the honesty in your videos, a lot lesser folk would just edit out the mistakes.

  4. Bart W

    Jerry, the wife and I just finished watching part 2. We were anxious to see the outcome after we saw part 1. The repair was fabulous. I believe this was your finest hour (or at least up there with the rest of them). Carry on…

  5. Ivan Rohal

    Why would anybody want to repair this Chinese piece of s….. for 500$?

  6. BioStuff415

    make the head stock template before the mod? Then use it for the re-construction…?

  7. Ian B

    No more. These videos just have too much talk. You clearly know what you’re doing, technically, but all the talk!!!

  8. DYESS Ship

    I had the same problem on a Gibson Thunderbird 1976 ** I put two hard maple strips in groves on each side of the neck- glued up then reshaped the neck and refinish the damage ***. Neck is til holding tune after 2 years.-**Chuck

  9. John Harrison

    "I don't know why I've chosen to do this…"

    Because you're Jerry Rosa and you don't half-do stuff, that's why.

  10. Blake Schulz

    Wow, what a mess. Looks like it will be very solid when its done though. Look forward to the second part I know you'll get her singing again.

  11. Life After Work

    Jerry, at one point you mentioned something about turning wood into a piece of cake. Seems that would be easier than fixing that mandolin. LOL! Just showing that anything can be repaired is the lesson to take away from this repair. I'm looking forward to the next video. Regards, Solomon

  12. frederic thom

    I can't understand someone believe you do break on purpose …
    it would be a kind of extreme masochism ! 🙂
    great work !

  13. Scott Reeves

    Great work, Jerry. This is timely for me. I am beginning to repair a 1960s Epiphone long neck banjo with a broken headstock. The break is more complex, but that provides more wood to glue. I look forward to Part 2!

  14. Dennis Mason

    Jerry dude, amigo, pal…I am a 64 year old "medical intuitive" who specializes in string-instrument related pain. I work with it everyday to stay in shape for pickin' because that's what Bruce Lee taught me – dedication to passion. Come to Hollywood for three days and I promise – no charge – I can modify your style if you are game to learn a few basic movements which totally make sense the first time you use them. Most of Pickin' Related Pain – PRP – can be addressed through a few easy (relaxes the body and flexilizes the wrists, arms, posture and shoulders and neck) Phew. Anyhoo I am not lying. My lies are rather boring and the truth is not. Plus the truth is usually funnier. So Jer what about all of these new bluegrassers in competition and utilizing superluminal lightspeed playing? I despise the new "shred trend" in American Music. I won't even call it that. I'll call them "blueshredders". Bless their speedy little hearts. I rather like Dave Grissom – he loves Gypsy Music.

  15. Dennis Mason

    Jerry please don't put a trussrod in there. The mando prefers wood – she told me so in my dreams and by the way her name is Mandella and I am begging you – use the strongest hardwood to fill that dang ditch jeez! Yes my 7 guitars all have names plus my ukulele which means "hopping flea" (uku-lele) introduced by the Portugese sailors to the Island People. True stories! SuperMakers! The Hawaiian name of the instruments comes from the image of fingers popping all over the keyboard and that is a big clue to wannabe uku masters. When I was discovering guitar (my teachers were the masters I heard and saw – Cream, Hendrix, Jeff Beck) and I would imitate the Dance of the Master's Hands. I teach guitar and rare is the student who gets the Dance of the Hands. Keith Richards gets it. Django and Bill Monroe as well. 799 others. I can't type anymore.

  16. Dennis Mason

    Fascinating. I have built instruments from bamboo (one meditates in the grove to discover which culms want to be a didgeridoo or whatever) since the 90s. Bamboo is a giant grass (some grow to 130 feet in 9 months – can we spell renewable?) and is sooooo different than trees. Some species have the tensile strength of steel in the direction of growth (longitudinal grain) and when Jerry talked about vertical grain I was shocked. If you work with bamboo -1) cut it yourself and 2) Cure and season. I use a propane cooker (radiant heat) and linseed oil as Chinese Tung Oil is bloody expensive. I love the smell of linseed in the mornin' – smells like woodwork! Be prepared to learn that according to real impeccable musicologists know of about 5 thousand kinds of instruments – from drums to flutes to violins – worldwide made from bamboo. My fave are shakuhachi (I made 3 – never again) and didgeridoo. I am currently designing a 4 string nylon string tenor – entirely from bamboo. Wish me luck. New video now Jerry. I don't watch the machine tech stuff it reminds me of my horrible 4-track days (recording in a bombarded environment – it's a Hollywood thing) however the recordings are pretty dang good. I say bare wood everything with many slow-curing linseed layers buffed in by hand. I can't wait to see Jerry michelangelo the heck outta the neck.


    Jerry you are kinda like a Sherlock Holmes at solving problems.
    And I´m sure this would have been a ten pipe problem for the great detective.

  18. Steve Blease

    It's not a vintage rare super expensive instrument, why not just replace the neck.

  19. paul taylor

    very nice job
    if I may when gluing on an angle like that I would have drilled out 1 peg hole and used a peg to hold them in place and the most you would have to do is re drill it out but there would of been no slip or need for brads
    but you Sir are the master I am just a wanna b offering ways I've done things
    I do so look forward to your post as I learn so much thanks and can not wait to see part 2

  20. Cantarini Lina

    …Really not a "Neck repair"…but a "neck re-construction"…my congratulations, Maestro!

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