How to Play Happy Birthday on Guitar – 3 Chord Series Guitar Lesson


  1. Sid

    After so many meaningless videos! Thank God! You sir are "The One "… The "Neo" of guitar teachers ! Many good wishes to you and your family friends/fans ….
    I have a small query , quite parallel to teaching Guitar. Do you think that learning to type properly on the keyboard ,helps in learning how to play the Guitar faster or better??
    With Sincere Reverence ,

  2. Christina Rowe

    love your videos!! Was it really you b-day when you made this AWESOME video? Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! :()

  3. Bobby Martinez

    Thanks… Now I can sing a birthday song to my friend tomorrow! Great teaching and more power to you!

  4. Sekhmet Songstress of Amun

    Now you tell me! Literally everyone I know has their birthday in February… Had I been able to play this last month that would have saved me a fortune in presents… 😜

  5. GM

    you awesome bro, ya need more flow on this channel

  6. John McIver

    Now this I can use this weekend for my grand daughter. Thanks for sharing. Rock-on my brother.

  7. Capitão Nunes

    faz uma video aula com o classico tico-tico no fubá…classico de zequinha de abreu nascido no BRASIL

  8. Bobby Cook

    Well I know IMO stands for now… lol. Thanks for the birthday lesson as well!!

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