Rockabilly, Carl Perkins Style Guitar Lesson — EP024


  1. Mike Magnum

    It appears that I may have discovered gold after all this time searching…… I'll be in touch Brian.

  2. Black Prince

    I just found this lesson and am quite astounded with some of the comments.
    Please just take from the lesson what you need and make it yours.
    There is only one Carl Perkins.
    I'll never be a Freddy King or John Lee Hooker, but I can make my music with a mix of them in my style.
    Thank you Active Melody.

  3. guloguloguy

    THANK YOU, Brian!!!I REALLY LOVE your "teaching style" = emphasizing the small, little "micro licks"/or, Guitar "parts of speech", ( ~ "guitarist's vocabulary and grammar"!!!) I wish/hope you would someday consider doing some similar videos, explaining some/many of the classic SURF-Music "parts of speech" !!!! I would like to hear some of the component licks/riffs which are often heard in Surf Music, (i.e. by the Ventures, Dick Dale, Los Straightjackets, Astronauts, Challengers, Belairs, etc., etc. => & THANKS, again!!!!!

  4. Txema Arza Otegui

    Thank you so much for you time and help.It is helpful for me.
    I´m very grateful !!
    Greeting from the Basque country

  5. 1straycat99

    no your not fast..but that don't matter.i'm not either.but music breaths that way and humans absorb it better. ya sound good that matters .and theirs so much else to learn. as you see lots people. can play fast. so its easy to achieve ..and they get caught up in that's all they do ….so its poison that way . i think everyone can build enough speed . and knowledge is more important . and feel articulation …awesome on your video's 2nd one i seen with ya best to ya always

  6. Mike James

    You play some nice notes, but you're not good enough to teach. I don't know rockabilly and was hoping to learn something, but you bored me to death in the end.

  7. Cameron K

    Good lesson, thanks for taking the time to go thru all the details. I never could have learned that without slowing it down. You did a great job!

  8. Richard Cartier

    You are way too underrated! You deserve more views!! Love the videos you are amazing! Keep doing what you're doing!!!

  9. Bombape

    This video was pure gold for me. I'm now a better guitar player thanks to you Brian! Keep up the VERY good work!! Cheers from good ol' Sweden =)

  10. Occitown Blues

    merci pour cette vidéo, cependant si tu pouvais éviter de parler pendant 2 plombes, ça serait plus agréable

  11. blumoe59

    Excellent lesson, tasty stuff!  Mr. Perkins was and still a huge influence on aspiring guitar-players of all genre!

  12. Gerald Fritz

    No matter what You do to help fellow guitar players, some of Us will never appreciate Your Help.  Something is always wrong.  Wrong Guitar, Wrong song to fast or to slow.  You do a great job My friend keep it up I'm listening and learning.  Thanks for Your Help !

  13. JuanMoreGame

    Great job, learned some new things.  Rockabilly is so raw and good, can't get enough.

  14. DJAS

    this is a real good lesson.  I think you should do it over again.  And never speak to what your going through that day…move through it.  It just makes it confusing, BUT I got a lot out of this lesson.  Sometimes you just have to take a quick deep breath and move past what is biting you in the ass that day.  Thanks.  I'll watch again, and you brought Carl Perkins to my attention, and I'm gonna start listening to his stuff.  I can do this, and it has made other things I am having problems with make sense.

  15. Steve Tramp ~ Berlin

    I'm sorry, I have to say, that this sounds like a rockabilly session, but DEFINITELY not like Carl Perkins! Listen to his 50s recordings. He did NOT use a hollow body guitar but a gibson gold top and some other guitars too (on boppin the blues e.g. a fender) and his playing was faster and often very very faster ( I know you said you are not a fast player), his playing includes also pretty hard to play slides, e.g. play the high e and b strings while sliding from 7-9 on the G string, thats not too easy, but he often did it in his solos.
    This is not the way Carl Perkins played his guitar, it sounds like a brian setzer lesson, but not like Carl – Good lesson though for beginners.
    Though, this lesson pretty much forgets the country influence that carl had in his playing too, he also used very often the major pentatonics, your just pointed and soloing around the blues pentatonic. That wasn't Carls playing at all.
    Don't be angry with me for this critice please, but while transcribing and using also original notes and tabs over the years, I think I am able to say this.
    Your a great guitarist though!

  16. ShowMe

    Great vid.  This piece is definitely easier to play than it sounds as you said.  Once I got the phrasing down, everything fell into place.  I love stuff that creates a really cool sound from simple elements.  Nice job.

  17. James Noll

    yeah, just pay $59.00 a year and YOU TOO can get the tabs and the final part. THIS IS A TEASER

  18. Jason Hegel

    Just found your channel. Some of the most user-friendly lessons I've seen. I'm a beginner rockabilly/blues guy and appreciate what you're doing here. I'm going to check out your website as well. Thanks!

  19. Angelo Lopez

    It will be better for me if I can also see what you doing on writting……so I can play with yout at the same time…..

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