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  1. Ginger Man

    hey…I SAW ONE OF MY IDOL ON THE WALL….BOB MARLEY….:D…one of my favourite music created by him….all time fan..;D

  2. MunterE

    @trigea If you didn't give a shit then why even respond? By pointing out that you don't give a shit that tells me you indeed gave a shit and in a feeble attempt to hide the fact that you do give a shit you said you didn't give a shit. You gave enough of a shit to respond to this, but in an odd act you pointed out that you don't give a shit when you gave a shit to try and say you don't give a shit.
    tl;dr, get over it sunshine

  3. Sam Quinn

    @MunterE OMG soz, im a failure oh noes! (that was sarcasm fyi, i couldnt give a shit) ^^

  4. Guitar Tricks

    @mongoose979 yeah, you can't leave 'em on stage during a gig without looking over your shoulder every two seconds. I like having a beater guitar! -Neal

  5. ringoss6f3v

    @mongoose979 I use a Gibson Les Paul for all of my gigs and I don't get nervous when I am using it, just when I leave it on stage for any reason!

  6. mongoose979

    question to all yous who own 1500$ and up guitars. . . . do you get nervous taking them out in public ? i have a (frankenstein) schecter worth about 400 and a beat to hell tele worth Maybe 250. I'm always wanting to but a really professional electric but i wonder if it would just become wall art.

  7. MunterE

    @trigea PRS 513…you know, like it says on the truss rod :p

  8. Alatoth

    Havent you teaches this already, just in another position ?

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