Guitar Amp Settings – Set Up Your Guitar Amp For a Great Blues Sound


  1. Louie Cabral

    pls help me how to get canon rock sunghajung cover amp settings plsss i need it… notice me pls..tnx

  2. Alex Gutierrez

    I am sorry. I didn't hear any good tones at all. Poppy slapping strings against the frets. Not much tone at all. Maybe if you turned it up we could hear the amp more and it would be a different outcome. Just what I heard. Sorry.

  3. Elias Music

    Please help me choose to choose between vox vXII and Marshall MG15CFR ?? Which one is good for blues thank you

  4. Josh Beers

    you should record with a di or turn your amp up to cover up the snapping from your pick

  5. William Fairbrother

    Thanx James, I had lots Problems with my amp Settings, thanx to you I,m getting a much better Sound, cieaner and not muddy as before,

  6. mike williams

    As some one that has played guitar for 30 years i must say your video offended me. And for all the hell i went threw just to comment says alot. Those amp setting will just take the guitar right out of the mix in a band setting, sure they may sound ok in the bedroom but on stage they will loose you in the mix. You cant tell some one how to get great tone with such generic settings unless every one has the same setup . With that setup the way you have it you would have to crank the amp for any one to hear you and you would be doing a typical rookie mistake.tone is such a subjective matter tho so i cant really say thats a bad tone, just not for me. Great Blues tone can not be found in any amp setting or peddals or even high end guitars its all in the fingers and there are no short cuts period. You want great tone practice and feel what your playing, dont just learn some scales and run them over a I IV V progression thats just being a robot.any way not trying to be a hard ass or bust any bubbles just saying a little truth.

  7. Nolan Quigley

    Hey James! I noticed you haven't uploaded in awhile and I just figured I'd let you know that I'm hoping to see you back soon. Your videos are extremely helpful and have been since the early Instagram days. Hope all is well and Happy New Year!

  8. SurajGuitarMedium

    James Im messing with the pentatonic stuff atm and was just thinking of something. Is the blues note the same note despite me being in a major or minor key? I know if I'm in A minor the blues note is D#. Is this also the blues note if im playing in A major? Hope this is clear.

  9. Geoffrey Belle

    Good evening James!
    Great upload!
    Liked. 🙂
    Well done !
    Have a nice evening!
    All the best.

  10. SurajGuitarMedium

    Hi James a quick question if that's ok… My strumming has really improved but I've noticed my right shoulder hurts when I practise sat down. Any advise on correcting this??

  11. Richard Kurbis

    James… when playing in a band with other guitarists and a Bass… you might want to see how the other amps in the band are set, and then set your mid frequency away from the other amps. It keeps everyone from having amp volume wars. I played one time with a H&K 30watt 1-12" SS amp against a Fender 200watt SS 2-12 and a 100watt Tube 4-12… I looked at everyone's settings and adjusted my mids to not compete with the other amps settings… I cut through amazingly like butter and I wasn't even pushing my volume. The guy with the tube amp had his mids scooped like that and was lost in the mud, so I got his settings up a bit to the lower mid, then set the other amp to higher mid… soon enough everyone was hearing each other nicely…. gotta work dividing up the frequencies to make everyone happy players. 🙂
    Your settings are great for lone playing (with bass and drums), but once more guitarist share the stage….

  12. Nick in the States

    Great video man! And I'm digging that Strat with the lipstick pickups. I tend to use about the same settings on mine. I'm also a huge fan of 2 and 4 on the Strat for that Texas Blues kind of tone.

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