Mustang Sally EASY 3 CHORD GUITAR SONG (Commitments/ Wilson Pickett)


  1. Breezy

    One the fret board do you strum the strings like you do the botton of the guitar or do you just hold them down Or like flick the strings?(Im new)

  2. E K

    Could you do “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys for the acoustic guitar? I know it’s kinda an old song, but I’ve been dying to learn it. I’ve tried searching on YouTube for tutorials but they’re all pretty challenging and you seem to do a really good job of teaching and simplifying things.

  3. caramel l jackson

    Another amazing video

    could you perhaps do a video on the solo from nothing else matters by metallica

  4. Abhishek Gupta

    I am playing guitar for 8 months and now I want to also learn piano so what is your suggestion sir

  5. J.A.S. J.A.S.

    Great job again Andy! Been waiting for you to bring back the Yamaha A-series guitar; one of my favorites….

  6. Avinash Kumar

    Andy I love ur speaking style&voice..I love ur cool personality… that's awesome… overall I love you yaar…I can't tell lie a long time…Nd where are you from…I mean which country🤔can I know…bcs I love ur 👀….so please can you play the song shape of uuu…if it's possible.

  7. Dark thorn

    It’s official Andy’s insane guys it’s jam HAVING A JAM !! Woah

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