AC/DC – Whole Lotta Rosie Guitar Lesson (1st Solo)


  1. BerzerK

    Can you pleaaase do a little lesson on The Loner by Gary Moore?!!? It's short n simple won't take you much time, I already kinda figured out how to play some of it , kinda confused with the solo part

  2. nameless chad

    Nobody has made a video for “Gypsy” by Dio, having trouble with solo technique because tab isn’t the best and doesn’t match what you hear on the recording.

  3. Nike 0502

    Can you make a Lesson of song by Iron Maiden “Mother Russia”

  4. ones jkt1993

    Thanks man.
    Maybe next

  5. Rui Silva

    Awesome sauce Carl,any chance of doing in future Pearl jam black lead and rythym parts separated and landing on london from 3 Doors down? please, thanks for all Your great job.

  6. It's Vinnie!

    Hi Carl, I was wondering if you could teach us Pink Floyd's Echoes and divide it like this:
    *Violin Effect and Intro Solo
    *Chords and Main Riff
    *1st solo
    *Funky rhythm section and Lead Fill-ins
    *Seagull Effect
    *Build-up and Arpeggio Riff

    Sorry for asking too much, but I would appreciate if you taught us this song!

    Regards, Vin. 😀

  7. CarroBelga

    Can you do Van Halen Feel Your Love Tonight and Mean Street please??

  8. Dead

    Please more Megadeth like: In my darkest hour and Peace sells

  9. Marius Kopp Armangué

    Btw I really want to learn how to play Creep (by Stone Temple Pilots) and Say Goodbye (by Theory of a Deadman). Any chance you'll make a lesson for one of those? When you'll get time of course!

  10. Jesse  Brugge

    Hey carl could you do a lesson on ice cream man-van halen? Ive really wanted to learn this song.. love your videos!

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