Church Street Blues lesson Tony Rice version broken down and explained briefly


  1. BlindTom61

    Thanks Randy, but I cannot see the video, only the gray announcement balloons. Makes it pretty much impossible to follow what you are doing.

  2. Bill dedrick

    very nice jog and tone.. what strings and pick were you using on the Martin Custom MMV?

  3. Robert

    Thanks Randy. I came across Tony playing this song today for the first time, and fell in love with the technique. You have saved me hours with this accurate slow tempo version!

  4. Nash 40

    This might be one of the sneakiest hard tunes I've ever tried to learn, but beware! Once you get hooked on it, you'll hear it in your sleep until you get it right. All of us TR disciples are hung up on trying to get it juuuuuuust like Tony, but he's so sublimely skilled, that you have to either be a savant like him, or have a slowdown track to learn it. It's not difficult musically, but it's so Tony, and that's what makes it it so sick. So what is "so Tony?" Try to find a old video of Clarence White playing I Am a Pilgrim, Soldiers Joy, and you'll know what I'm talking about. It almost sounds like he's off tempo, but he's not, it's just the nuance of his style, and I'm sure thats what captivated Tony, who obviously influenced many of us. If Randy, hadn't been able to show us his lesson on it, I may have never figured it out myself. It's that sneaky hard, and if I don't practice it everyday, I'll butcher it. I still can't sing it and play it for shit. It's one thing to learn to play it, but an entirely different animal to sing it well, while playing it anywhere near the way TR does. I'm a chicken picker Tele/Fingerstyle player, and when I got into flatpicking, I didn't realize that flatpickers were so particular about their style, with few hammer inside and pull offs, and if you want to be a "real" flat picker, you MUST learn crosspicking. I'm pretty good with the banjo rolls from finger style, but bluegrass players are snobbish about the technique. My teacher, Jack Wilson just win Winfield, and the way they judge it is so strict, it's insane. In fact, they BLIND judge it! It's crazy! Chris Eldridge does a great version, and there is another guy who on here that does a good job with it, and he has has a really nice voice that's a little more contemporary/Americana, but I don't know his name. /Thanks for sharing. brother!

    Here it is. It's under Ronnie's bluegrass

  5. Steve T.

    Hey Randy, great lesson here man. I think it's the first time I've heard this tune but it sure is pretty.

  6. Jeremy Hickerson

    It's called cross picking. You have the melody note in the bass followed by 2 more picks before the next melody note in the bass (so yes, triplets in a sense, but, not in the strict use because the three notes have the same duration as any of the other notes that you have been picking (triplet notes would be a different duration). Basically just pick as you do for the rest, but put the next melody bass note one note earlier for these cross-picking melody – across the regular rhythm (my take)

  7. Jeremy Hickerson

    Thanks, very helpful. I'm starting to see that the genius of Tony Rice is in finding all these little melodies and rhythms out of such simple and basic left hand work. There's so much there that it takes a detailed break down like this to get it – who woulda thunkit.

  8. Brian McCarthy

    I love a challenge, and this is a tough one. Tony's songs usually are but that is what makes it worth the time and effort and you my friend did a great job teaching me what no one else could. Many thanks.

  9. Randy Schartiger

    @shankarank Thank you Shankarank! I hope this vid helps! It's a fun little tune to play but one of the hardest I ever learned!

  10. shankarank

    Nice video! I had tried to figure out what Tony did and failed at hitting it exactly on the money. His sweep crosspicking technique threw me for a loop, so I combined it with the original version by Norman Blake to make my own. I'm definitely gonna go take another stab at the Tony version with the aid of this vid. Thanks pretourious!

  11. Joe Shea

    working the last fortnight on CS blues, and this I found to be a great piece of teaching very natural, non-pedantic, loose enough to leave something for the imagination, very nice once again.

  12. Randy Schartiger

    @tonyrice199 Referring to the capo as the nut, I'm noting the 5th string at the second fret and the second string at the third fret and playing strings in the order of 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and first. It's partially a "G" major chord just not playing all the notes.

  13. Randy Schartiger

    @altadena57 I hope I'm referring to the right chord, it's a C sharp, you only want to hit strings 4,3 and 2 bared at the 6th fret, Tony hits this with a downward stroke with the pick, hitting them upwards produces a different sound. He uses this chord once in his video instruction tape, but he seem to use it twice on live performances in the second and third verses only.
    I love that chord too! using it to enter the g sharp in any song has a cool sound. šŸ™‚

  14. altadena57

    What's the chord at 7:50, right after the G, in the verse?? And does Tony put that in every time?

    Thanks VERY MUCH; I love that chord; I want to get it right.

  15. Randy Schartiger

    @qoquaq Thank you qoquaq, I'm glad it helped, this is a tough little tune to pull off and I need to practice at it more myself.

  16. qoquaq

    Certainly took me a while to get this down, and play it at the right tempo, but Iā€™m finally there.
    Thank you very much, your lesson was invaluable.

  17. Randy Schartiger

    @tramboithao Hey thank you so much my friend for the nice words and compliments, I love fingerstyle picking, I've sort of stolen some of it from banjo and working it on guitar but I need to do more of it. Let me know if there is anything I can help with. šŸ™‚ Cheers from the states! šŸ™‚



  19. Randy Schartiger

    @joshy4 Thank you man, and you're welcome, I hope this helps ya out, if I can help just let me know. šŸ™‚

  20. Josh Hanson

    so awesome! i've been wanting to learn his version for a while! really appreciate this

  21. Randy Schartiger

    Thank you! It is very hard for me to slow things down this slow, I find myself playing it different. lol Thanks for the kind words, I hope this lesson helps.

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